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In our film we witness an extraordinary method of raising children with autism.  It's something that unfortunately has had to be re-discovered by each parent on their own.  These parents have searched for ways to reach their sometimes-silent children, and unlock their minds. Other parents of autistic children, too, can learn how it's done.

In FIERCE LOVE and ART we see how a creative process, such as painting, drawing, musical composition, even poetry have been the imaginative outlets that have transformed children with autism.

Grant Manier,  is an excellent example.  As a child he obsessively tore pieces of paper. His mother Julie spent countless hours nurturing his obsession into a singular vision. He learned gradually to arrange the torn bits into enormous artworks, which today sell for thousands of dollars. Grant's artistic process has become his window to the world, and today he speaks clearly and with authority about creativity.  His mantra, he says, is “It’s not what you can’t do; it’s what you can that makes you more.”


Our film brings you a number of these human stories.  Each one tells of an inexplicable mystery.  But each one also reveals a common theme:  a parent or a set of parents who were fiercely devoted to their child's well-being.  And as you'll see, it makes a huge difference in these children's lives.           


 These stories are as emotional as they are moving.  They may transform you.

Children with autism and their parents need your help. We ask that you join us in our effort to educate and inspire, so that you may help spread the word about a way some parents have used to enable their children to overcome the often devastating solitary confinement that is autism.

Please help us complete our film.  For your contribution, we offer you on-screen credit as one of our producers as well as copies of our film. 

 More importantly, we offer you an opportunity to be an essential part of a national campaign to make an enormous effect in the lives of families with autism.


Financial supporters of FIERCE LOVE and ART

will receive these gifts in recognition of our gratitude:

1. Any level of donation will receive listing in the film credits, on this website, and a shout-out on our Facebook page.  You will also receive regular updates about the film's progress.

2. $50:  At this level of support, you will receive a 12x18 inch full color film poster, suitable for framing. Shipping is included.

3. $75:  For this contribution, you will receive the items above, as well as a set of 5x7 postcards, which are reproductions of paintings by one of the film's artists.

4.  $100:  You will receive all the above items as well as a newly-designed nightlight (that illuminates a 4X6-inch image from Grant Manier).  One of his beautiful underwater scenes.  Suitable for your bedroom or bathroom.

5.  For your $150 contribution, you will receive all the above items and a DVD of the documentary WITH EYES WIDE OPEN, on the life and work of artist Richard Wawro.

6.  For your $250 donation, you will receive all the items above, as well as a DVD of the film FIERCE LOVE and ART.  Remember, your name will be in the credits as a supporter.

7.  For endowing us with $500, you will receive the above items and 2 tickets for the premiere of the filmFIERCE LOVE and ART in Austin, Texas this fall.  (Travel is not included).

8.  Your $1,000 gift will be thanked by your receiving each of the above items, and we will enjoy meeting you at a private dinner we will hold with you and the filmmakers after the world premiere in Austin.

9.  A donation of $5,000 will be gratefully acknowledged by each of the above items,(including 2 film premiere tickets as well as dinner for two together with us in Austin), but also an original artwork by one of the film's artists.

10.  Your subsidy of $10,000 will be greatly appreciated and will be pivotal in helping us finish our film.  Our thankfulness to you will be reciprocated by sending you all the above items, as well as the one thing we feel you deserve: the magic of seeing your name in the credits of the film, on an individual page.  Every viewer of the film will know that you were a key part of the team that made this film possible.


We have made a commitment with our time and our own funds to produce and direct the most influential film that we can about one aspect of autism. We need your help to enhance our production funds so the film can have the greatest possible impact. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children and young adults with autism.

We think that there is no substitute for seeing exactly what has happened in these remarkable families. We are making this film to illuminate and to inspire. So we thank you personally for your support, and we thank you on behalf of people with autism and their families.

Laurence A. Becker, Ph.D., Producer


Austin, Texas


Ron Zimmerman, Director

San Antonio, Texas

See our IndieGoGo Campaign

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If “Fierce Love and Art” is anything like “With Eyes Wide Open”, the world will have another masterpiece in its hands.

Karen Simmons

Founder, CEO Autism Today

Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

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